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Promises and Perils of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs

Health in Justice Action Lab Workshop

As a go-to response to the ongoing overdose crisis, many US jurisdictions have adopted new--or expanded existing--prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs). The scale-up in the number, scope, funding, and legal mandates of these systems has occurred rapidly and without much scrutiny from empirical and theoretical perspectives. 

To address this gap, the workshop Promises and Perils of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs offered a survey of interdisciplinary research on PDMPs; explored current advocacy and reform efforts;  and articulated strategies to maximize the benefit of PDMPs, while minimizing possible harms. Topics included privacy, algorithmic fairness, decision support functionality, and the PDMPs role in facilitating care coordination and provider-patient communication.




Action Alerts

SAHMSA NPRM "Confidentiality of Substance Use Disorder Patient Records"

This measure would allow protected SUD treatment data to be merged with state PDMPs at the expense of abandoning patient privacy in the midst of continued stigmatization of SUD treatment and active law enforcement surveillance of PDMPs.

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